IMG_2146Our business focuses on providing affordable & excellent bartending services and rentals for the greater Humboldt county area, so that you can relax & enjoy your own party and let us handle some of the details for you.

If you have ever thrown your own party in the past without help, you know that the beverage service or bar is one of the most time consuming aspects of a party.  You spent a lot of your time making sure everyone has drinks, the bar is stocked, drinks that are supposed to be cold are cold, drinks are mixed well, making sure the under age guests aren’t sneaking drinks, etc. etc. IMG_1980 You can spend a LOT of energy at a party on your beverage service and forget to enjoy your actual event.

Our goal is to be an affordable option for you to not have to deal with the bartending aspect of entertaining at your event!   We will help you set up your beverage list so you can shop efficiently for what you need to have at your bar—then show up and be the help you need at your event to throw a great party.

We are there to help you be able to hand the bar over to us and let us handle the rest: