Interested in learning more about your pricing options for our services?

We service many areas of the Humboldt county area and also would be willing to travel further.  Please contact us for a direct quote and we’d be happy to work with you to come up with the most reasonable and affordable option for your individual party needs.

The cost of our services is based on the number of guests attending, length and location of event, and the drink menu that you decide upon. 

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How do we keep the bar affordable?

We help design the drink menu to suit your party, but all beverages and garnishes are purchased by you from wherever you choose. This gives you the opportunity to design your bar and drink options, without paying for any mark up value on the product.

We are experienced in making hand crafted drinks using top quality ingredients, but also offer many suggestion for the budget minded consumer.

At our first consultation, I will get a feeling for what sort of party theme you are wanting to go with and can help you come up with ideas for your own budget if you don’t have any quite yet.  We can do our consultation in person, on the phone, or via email. After we talk, I will make an itemized budget for your party.


I encourage you to take advantage of my over 10 years of experience in the catering industry to help you execute the perfect party.